Bettina Hinz-Uhl und Mike Uhl an einem Bistrotisch

Let’s get personal

Looking at the grey side of the Wall until 1989. Dreaming of freedom. Followed idealistic goals as a young banker. Suddenly hit another wall – that of my conscience. Both times I managed to find my path to freedom. And I walked it my way. That was my ambition. And it was worth it, although it took time.

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Started my career with great enthusiasm and lots of plans. Until fate showed me what freedom really means. Severe illness had me fighting for my life. And I won. After my recovery, I had, as they say, a stellar career. But despite my success, I never found my professional calling. An important piece of the puzzle was missing: Freedom. I found it here in my husband's company, where we now work together. The kind of freedom I had always wanted to achieve. The fight was worth it, although it took time.