Buchcover: Mike Uhl „Das wurde auch Zeit – Ein Finanzberater, der auszog, um die Welt zu retten“

Being independent and free means you can write your own history.

In 1997, I quit my secure bank job to be able to work independently and freely.

Independence and Freedom have such importance in my life that I decided not only to turn them into my company mission – I also made them the subject of a novel.

I hope this conveys to you just how important they are to me. Because history doesn't write itself just like that, and at the time of writing, ChatGPT did not yet exist. And, of course, the main character of the book is purely fictitious, with parallels to living people being purely coincidental.

A light-hearted story taking the reader inside the world of financial advice

Jack Simmer is a financial adviser with his own way of seeing the world. That’s why he loses his job and, for a short time, his sense of direction: Without the job at the bank, what is he supposed to do for a living? Then, out of the blue, he is struck by the best idea he could have: He is going to become independent.

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